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Litigation & Dispute Resolution.

With many years of experience between them, our approachable litigators offer strategic advice to many individuals, public sector organisations and corporate entities on risk and conflict management.

We pride ourselves on the ability to provide transparent and clear advice at an early stage on the prospects of success and risk management in a cost effective manner. We strive to minimise the disruption any dispute has on our clients and their business.

Our dedicated team compliment our other key sectors and offer tailored advice during the negotiation and documentation used in non-contentious matters so that any risks are identified and dealt with as soon as possible.

We can offer our expertise, including strong trial capability, in the following areas:-

Real Estate Litigation. Our team has an immense depth of specialist knowledge gained over many years in all areas of property related litigation including disputes as to the ownership of property, succession by Will or on Intestacy, Boundary Disputes, Rights of Way, Restrictive Covenants, and also leasehold disputes including for example rent review, alienation and alterations, break notices, repair and security of tenure disputes. We also provide advice and assistance on matters proceeding in the Land Registry Tribunal, the Land Tribunal and the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal.

Banking, Finance and Insolvency Litigation. We can provide advice and assistance to banks, customers and financial institutions on banking litigation matters. We can also act for banks, liquidators, administrators, receivers, creditors, debtors, companies and individuals in bankruptcy and insolvency matters.

Professional Negligence. Our team has many years experience in recovering substantial compensation for our clients in claims against professional advisers for example, Solicitors, Accountants, Surveyors and Architects.

We are well known to and respected by the representatives of professional indemnity insurers.

In all the cases in which we are instructed we provide a comprehensive service and actively pursue alternative dispute resolution such as Mediation, Arbitration, Adjudication and Early Neutral Evaluation and advise clients on choosing the method most appropriate to them. It is essential that we resolve disputes quickly and effectively.

Our team of Solicitor Advocates enjoy Rights of Audience in the Higher Courts and we can also provide alternative dispute resolution by Arbitration, Adjudication, Mediation or Early Neutral Evaluation.

Cost and Expenses.

How will I be charged?

Our charges will be calculated mainly by reference to the time actually spent by the Solicitors and other staff in respect of any work which they do on your behalf. This will include meetings with you and perhaps others, reading and working on documents, correspondence, making and receiving telephone calls, preparation of any detailed costs calculations, and time spent travelling away from the office when this is necessary.

What will the hourly rate be?

Our current hourly rates are set out below. We will add VAT to these at the rate that applies when the work is done. At present, VAT is 20 per cent.

Grade                       Hourly Rate

Partner                     £265.00 plus VAT.

Consultant               £265.00 plus VAT.

Solicitor                    £175.00 plus VAT.

Trainee Solicitor     £150.00 plus VAT.

Legal Assistant        £125.00 plus VAT.

All of our fee earners hold professional degrees which have been awarded after completing undergraduate and postgraduate education.

Disbursements payable will include, for example, bank telegraphic transfer fees (£25 plus VAT each), Land Registry fees (from £3 to £455 (with no VAT)), Barrister (Counsel) Fees (£500 plus VAT to £100,000 plus VAT), Expert Fees (£500 plus VAT to £5,000 plus VAT) and Court fees (from £5 to £10,000 with no VAT) etcetera.

Range of Fees

Due to the nature of litigious matters the total costs to be incurred vary greatly from case to case and can range from as little as £265.00 plus VAT if a simple case is resolved quickly in correspondence to in excess of £250,000.00 plus VAT in a large and complex dispute which goes to Trial.

We provide clients with guidelines as to likely costs at the outset of each matter on a case by case basis.

Use of other Professionals

In appropriate cases we will engage the services of a Barrister to act on your behalf and it will usually be the Barrister, rather than ourselves, who represents you at Trial or at any contentious hearings in Court.

Also there may be occasions in which we retain a local agent to attend certain court hearings.

In some cases it may be necessary to obtain evidence or guidance from an expert witness such as, for example, a Valuation or Building Surveyor or a Planning Consultant.

Timescales and Procedure

The timescales to resolve cases vary from as little as a few days in simple matters which are resolved by settlement or do not proceed to a number of years in complex matters which proceed to Trial.

The procedures in debt recovery cases will differ on a case by case basis and will be in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) which are the rules of civil procedure used by the Court of Appeal, High Court of Justice, and County Courts in civil cases in England and Wales.


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